Facebook Ads to Increase Referrals & Treatment Acceptance

Drive Patients To Your Practice with Facebook Ads

Target Local Neighborhoods Around Your Practice

Social media allows you to target a radius as small as 1 mile. You can even target people who LIVE in that location. Outside from geo-targeting, you can also target specific demographics such as mothers, expecting mothers, recent move-ins, senior citizens, and more!

Facebook Ads Fueled By Creative Minds

Good creativity is imperative to a successful Facebook or Instagram campaign. As a result, we invest in attractive gifs, videos, and images that engage Facebook users on the web. With good engagement and click-through rates, your campaigns generate more engagement from less ad expenditure. Our creative team is constantly figuring out new ways to keep your practice trendy and hot!

Avoid Junk Leads

If you have previously tried Facebook Ads for your practice, you might have come across campaigns that generate leads that never turn into actual patients. At Adit, our work is quantified by the patients that book an appointment, not by the number of leads that you get. As a result, all of our campaigns focus on getting patients in your chairs.

Industry-Leading Appointment Tracking

Industry-leading tracking differentiates our program from the rest. We track all phone calls and appointment forms on a different level.

First, we track every phone call using AI, which shows you those patients that actually book an appointment. These patients are listed by name.

Second, we track all appointment forms and list out only those patients that find you via our marketing methods online.

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