Secure HIPAA Compliant Email

HIPAA Requires Secure Email

If you are currently sending protected health information such as digital x-rays, treatment notes or referrals via regular email, you are very likely disclosing patient health information and could be fined up to $10,000 per email.

The method by which regular un-secured email is transmitted is similar to mailing a post card. Your information is accessible to various entities as it travels to your recipient.

Email Encryption can be complicated - Ours is not

Unfortunately, email encryption solutions can be complicated for both the sender and the recipient. Having worked with dentists for over a decade providing custom internet solutions and marketing, we saw the need for a simple solution tailored to the dental field.

Being familiar with your workflow and the software that you use, we’ve developed an email encryption solution that will integrate seamlessly into your existing workflow.

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The basic package has proven sufficient for most dental offices. If you need additional email addresses or installations, contact us for pricing.

How Our Secure Email System Works

Sending Email

How does it work with email programs like Outlook or Thunderbird?

If you currently use Outlook or another mail program to send your emails, your secure email account will simply be added as an additional account. Then, to send an email, you’ll simply select the alternate account and do everything else as you normally would.

I don't have Outlook, is there a webmail interface available?

Yes, there is a full featured webmail interface available for sending and receiving secure email.

Does it work with my practice management software?

Yes it will. Different programs have different set up steps but they all work with our system. We will install it for you and make sure it works as expected.

How Recipients of Your Secure Email Read Your Email

When an email is sent over the open internet, it travels through many other computers on it’s way to your recipient. These other computers will often store your message for an extended period of time in an unencyrpted format. Additionally, there are many people who have access to these computers and your messages.

This is the primary reason a secure email system is necessary for HIPAA Compliance.

How We Protect Your Message

When sending your message over the open internet is not secure, we save your message on our secure system and send the recipient a notification alerting them to retrieve it.

The recipient must take one further step to identify themselves as the correct recipient. Otherwise, anyone intercepting the email could simply click on the link and read your message.

You have two options when it comes to this second identification step.

Email Registration

When this option is used, the recipient will simply have to create their own password to use to access the message and future messages.

Secure Question / Answer

When this option is used, the recipient will have to answer a question that you set. This question / answer can be the same for every recipient, or varied according to the recipient.

Important Note - This Identification Step is Not Always Necessary

It’s important to us that your recipients have easy access to your emails. There are instances where the receiving email provider does actually provide enough security that we can send your email directly to the email provider.

When this is the case, we do not require the additional identification step – your email goes straight to your recipients in-box.

Our system is unique in this feature. All other systems we’ve seen enforce the second identification step no matter the circumstances.

How Recipients of Your Secure Email Read Your Email

It’s important to note that in order to send email securely, both email providers must support a secure connection. Unfortunately, this means that an email sent from a non-secure account to your secure account will not be secure and will be in violation of HIPAA.

When viewing your messages, your recipients have an easy way to reply and send new messages. However, what about people that you haven’t sent a message to yet?

To answer this problem, we put a button on your website similar to this one. It allows people to send you a secure email with no further steps needed.

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