Google Adwords Advertising Agency

New Patients are Looking - Ensure They Find YOU

When patients look for a new health practitioner online, they start on Google or on Facebook by asking their friends.  

With Google ads, we ensure they find your practice first. With Reputation Activator, we re-enforce your presence with good reviews & recommendations everywhere they look.

New Patients Call You

Give new patients a reason to call your office with proven offers and ads. When a patient claims an offer, our proprietary system automatically sends them text messages, emails & voicemails until the patient responds. 

Your staff don’t have to call hundreds of leads. They simply answer the phone or reply to interested text messages. 

The messages are timed not to be intrusive or annoying to patients.

We Adapt to Your Practice

We have proven offers & follow up sequences – but that doesn’t always translate well for every practice. Our system is not cookie cutter. We adapt our system to fit the workflow of your practice and make sure you get the type of incoming patients that work for you.

We realize that not all “new patients” are the same.

Focus on Right Type of New Patients

Because we track each patient and their journey through your practice, we’re able to see which keywords bring in more revenue. As a result, we focus on those keywords that lead to higher ROI services in your facility.

No Automation Because We Cater To You

We build all of our campaigns from scratch and are constantly optimizing them every month. Many Google ad agencies have an automated system that creates all of their campaigns. In contrast, we understand every practice is different. We customize your ad campaign based on your patient demographics, target area, competitors, core advantages & more. Everything is specific to you and your practice.

We Don't Believe in Auto-Pilot

Many times when a campaign is performing well, ad agencies just let it go and start working on other clients. We don’t! We believe in being proactive, rather than reactive. Every single month, we go over negative keywords and search term reports with you. We create ad extensions, pause low performing ads, update ad copy to reflect your promotions, and make sure your ads are performing with a quality score of 7 and above.

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